Prenatal Lazy Mobility Workout

Save for Later!

Take just 10 minutes to warm your joints and muscles on those days you can’t find the motivation to workout. We will work through the entire body while focusing on prenatal mobility. All you need is a little space to move!

In this “workout” we will be working from head to toe. We will start by taking the time to move our joints through their full range of motion. Then, we’ll gradually bring some heat to the surrounding muscle groups with some activation. I will also, sneakily get you to workout just enough to count this towards your day’s activity session. Maybe even get a light sweat in. And hey, if you are already sweating, you might as well do a little more! Right? That little boost of accomplishment might even get you motivated enough to step it up and do a longer workout. Or, at the least, get some things knocked off your to-do list!

Use your resources

Sometimes we are feeling lazy or just unmotivated to workout but know that we should. However, I am here to cheer you on because that is the best time to get busy. You will feel better for it, and your body will thank you. Trust me, I KNOW that pregnancy can zap all of your energy. So read my post, When You Can’t Find Energy to Exercise During Pregnancy to get my best tips and tricks for getting motivated. There is also a little bonus tool built in for you!

I want you to remember that, prenatal mobility is very important to keep your changing body healthy and strong. It will also aid in minimizing discomfort. The looser joints and added weight can be a challenge to adjust to and throw our bodies out of wack. But don’t worry mama, I have a post for that too! The Best Exercise To Relieve Prenatal Back Pain is worth the read and includes a workout too. I want my Simple Mom Fitness mamas to feel their best. And with the right attitude, tools, and support, you will!

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