Agility Ladder Workout

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Pump up your cardio with this fun agility ladder inspired workout! Formatted with a HIIT style to keep it short and sweet.

This workout was made for all levels, just work at a safe pace for you. Being a cardio workout, it is all bodyweight. So all you need is a mat or even a line of tape on the floor. I formatted this workout in intervals to give you blasts of work time with just enough rest time to recover. And remember, you make the workout as intense as you want by controlling the pace. So just show up, because that is the hardest part. In order to motivate you, I wanted to give you fit mamas a fun and different HIIT-style challenge. As a busy mom like you, I find it easier to get motivated for my workouts when I mix it up.

Why you need to try this agility ladder workout

And what better way to mix it up than with an agility ladder inspired workout to bring out your inner athlete! I made this workout to inspire you mamas to break out of your shells. To challenge yourself in a way that will make you sweat and think. I wanted you to feel that FIRE to work hard while having fun. I made this with you busy mamas in mind. We all need to shut off the outside world. This workout will help you tune in and forget about everything else, resulting in a lessed stressed mama. My goal here is to help sharpen your mind and focus as we incorporate balance, stability, and control. And all in just 22 minutes! Keeping your body and your mind young, you’re welcome 😉

For those of you who are struggling to get motivated, take a peak at my post How To Get Motivated Like An Athlete To Workout. There, you will find the secret I used to change my mindset for fitness. When I connected to this mentality about fitness, it became simple to stay motivated. I’ll see you there mamas, let’s sweat!

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