Explosive Bodyweight Plyometric Workout

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Level up your fitness with this killer explosive plyometric workout! All bodyweight movements so it is perfect for my home workout mamas.

This workout is meant for moms that are already at an intermediate to advanced level. Although you can adjust the impact of the movements to adjust the level, this is a more advanced workout.

I designed this workout using plyo exercises to provide an intense and exciting workout that will challenge your fitness on all levels. Just a quick 21 minutes for a HIIT-style format with intervals that adjust to your fatigue. That way you can perform at your best to the end in order to condition your health fitness of cardio, power, and endurance. At the same time you will be improving your skill fitness of agility, balance, coordination, and reaction time. Talk about igniting your inner athlete!

All of the movements I chose incorporate a quick change of direction and bounding that work the entire body. It is also important to move in forward, backward, and lateral directions which we will also be doing to keep you performing at your best. And of course, able to keep up with the kids during play time. That’s a win for mom and a win for the kiddos.

Why do explosive plyometric exercise?

These kinds of workouts are such an effective form of conditioning without the need for equipment or much space. Making them the perfect choice for moms that want to really challenge themselves from the convience of their own homes. I talk about the specifics in my post Effective Home Workouts With Killer Results For Busy Moms.

Another great workout I made for moms that like to bring out their inner athlete is my Agility Ladder Workout. You won’t need any equipment for that one either, so get ready and let’s sweat!

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