Safe Prenatal Core Workout For All Trimesters

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This prenatal core workout is safe for moms in ALL trimesters! With standing and tabletop exercises that work the entire trunk of the body. You can keep your belly supported and your back strong with little to no modifications needed.

Why do a prenatal core workout

Core workouts are always an important part of any fitness regimen. Many people think of core workouts as crunches and russian twists, things expecting mamas can’t really do safely, if at all. A good core workout consists of exercises that work the trunk of the body, not just the abdominals. We want to be sure that we stay balanced. Strengthening the posterior chain (back) as well as the anterior chain (front) as well in all directions of movement, *ahem* lateral! This becomes especially apparant during pregnancy.

Your growing belly adjusts your posture a great degree. This can be felt typically in aches and pains felt in the hips, back, and shoulders. So if you take the time to ensure a strong and stable trunk by working the muscles that support the sides and back, you may come to find a more comfortable pregnancy. Woo woo! And speaking of a more comfortable pregnancy…

Digestion is a very big role in our prenatal comfort. It become less…frequent. Many mamas, myself included, feel bloated and blocked up once baby grows. That’s why I like to make sure that I make core workouts a priority. Doing core exercises help massage the organs and give you a little more regularity. It’s much easier to be motivated to workout when I don’t feel like a stuffed sausage LOL.

Let’s Sweat!

Although I can’t completely take away the stuffed sausage feeling, after this workout you will feel a difference! I chose exercises to work your abdominals, low and upper back, as well as obliques all in a safe but effective way. And if you want another prenatal workout designed around core strength and posture stability check out my Prenatal Postural Correcting Workout.

But integrate core work wherever you can throughout pregnancy to keep you safe and as comfortable as possible!

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