Energizing Prenatal Yoga

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For those of you expecting moms that want so badly to workout but just can’t muster up the energy, start here! This energizing yoga workout will leave you feeling happy with the work you put in and like the weight of pregnancy is lifted. Grab your mat and cut off the distractions, let’s get started.

This yoga workout will strengthen your muscles with long holds and bring blood flow throughout the body. Your joints will thank you as we take them through mobility and engage the surrounding muscle groups for support. I also love to use isometric contractions as a sneaky way to push yourself. The focus on timing your breath with your movements will bring your focus to the body and away from the day’s stresses. Talk about energizing!

Some days we need a break from the work of our workouts, but still crave the feeling of accomplishment. Your baby and your body will thank you for taking such good care during your prenatal time. I also feature a few holds and movements that are specifically beneficial for labor and delivery. As well as target muscle groups that need extra care to support the changes our prenatal bodies need. I always want my fit mamas to know there is a method to my madness!

When expecting, we all have those days we want to workout but just can’t get motivated. If you need help, check out my post When You Can’t Find Energy to Exercise During Pregnancy. I will go over tips and tricks for getting and staying motivated throughout your entire pregnancy. Not to mention, I added a little bonus tool for you ;). I have been there too, so and I want to help you be the happiest and healthiest mama you can be!

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