Prenatal Hip Mobility – Stretch and Sweat Workout

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Relieve your hip discomfort with this prenatal hip mobility workout. We will activate and elongate the supporting muscles around the pelvis using cardio and mobility exercises! A great workout for mamas that are in their third trimester.

This workout is one that should be on the list of every expecting mama. Especially those in their third trimester. Your comfort can really give you the endurance to push through the marathon of pregnancy. And that is what my goal with this workout is. I want you to walk away feeling relief from hip discomfort and like you have some mobility again!

I chose this workout around the anatomy of the 3rd trimester belly, so there should be little modification needed, if any. Those growing babies can make you feel like a big potato with arms and legs (at least thats how I feel getting off the couch) and can make workouts frustrating. So I chose exercises that will get you sweating without having to jump around, or at least attempt to. By activating large muscles, your body will be working hard and give you a workout you will feel proud about.

We will activate the muscles surrounding the pelvis. Then elongate them through a dynamic range of motion to improve your prenatal hip mobility. By programming this alternating format you will have built in “active recovery.” I love active recovery because it allows you to catch your breath between the more intense bouts of work while still being productive.

Want to learn more about prenatal hip mobility?

Head over to my post Soothe Pregnancy Hip Pain With These Great Exercises to learn more about pelvic discomfort in pregnancy. There I will give you the tools you need with guidance on how to make the most of your workout routine.

And if you liked this workout check out my Prenatal Postural Correcting Workout for more help with prenatal discomfort! See you there, let’s sweat!

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