Prenatal Posture Correcting Workout

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If you are experiencing back pain or discomfort, this workout can help! Utilizing minimal equipment, we will be working to correct poor prenatal posture. All you need is some space and a PVC pipe or a broomstick!

A growing belly, chest, and loosening joints put together is a recipe for discomfort. Especially in your back. In this workout I guide you through exercises chosen to help improve the muscular imbalances that develop throughout pregnancy. They are usually found in the shoulder and hip girdles, causing our major muscle groups that provide support to get overworked and fatigued.

Being Mindful Of Prenatal Posture

I truly love this workout because without getting intense, you will be challenging your body to work in ways that it may not be used to. These movements may be new to you. If not, we will be approaching them with a purpose that I can almost guarantee you have not done yet. Doing so by focusing on what muscle groups to properly activate and how to maintain proper posture at the same time. It is so important to workout with a purpose during pregnancy in order to feel your best and stay motivated!

The key to staying motivated is to feel great. When you feel good, it is harder to make excuses. But prenatal back pain is no joke. With all the changes you are experiencing, so is your prenatal posture. It is important to understand why and how to assess yourself. So if you want some more help check out The Best Exercise To Relieve Prenatal Back Pain. There, I will give you simple tips to finding that relief. Maybe even be preventative and reduce post partum back pain too.

And if you need some help getting motivated during your pregnancy, I got you covered. Download my free accountability chart to help you stay on track. Grab some space and Let’s Sweat!

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