Prenatal Safe HIIT Workout

Save for Later!

Get your body and baby moving with this safe and fun prenatal HIIT workout! Modifying our movements, intensity, and rest time to give you a workout that is safe for baby and still effective.

All you need is 25 minutes and your bodyweight to join me for this fun prenatal HIIT exercise! I will safely guide you with modifications for the movements, intensity, and timing. You can feel confident that this workout is doable because I recorded this workout while in my third trimester! Talk about tough LOL.

But you ARE tough, mama. You are strong and commited to your fitness. You can expect to work hard as I coach you through a variety of exercises. We will hit the entire body, work those muscles for a little bit of strength, and get our heartrates up for some cardio. You won’t even need any equipment, making this workout even simpler for busy moms. You can expect to get out of this workout, whatever you put into it. So hit it hard and use the Talk Test to monitor your intensity. This is YOUR workout, so make it your own and have fun!

I know many mamas that go into pregnancy fairly fit and active. Then they get bored doing the same workouts or making the same modifications and start to workout less. My goal here is to provide you with a workout that will challenge you but keep you and baby safe and happy. I also hope to give you direction on adjusting other workouts safely in my post, How to Safely Make Prenatal HIIT Workouts. Here I will cover modifications, intensity, and more to help you plan and prep your workouts appropriately. Remember to keep your fitness fun so you stay motivated. So join me mamas and let’s sweat!

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