Prenatal Workout for Better Sleep

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Prenatal sleep is vital and sometimes an uphill battle. Join me for this energizing prenatal workout designed to help struggling mamas in their third trimester get better sleep.

Workout with Coach Zoe for better sleep

This workout is great for all prenatal mamas, especially those in their third trimester. That third trimester can be the hardest one to get adequate rest, and yet is the most important time to get it! I designed this workout to “work” around our growing bellies, awww :). So that way, your ability to move shouldn’t hinder the effectiveness of the exercises.

We will also rotate between intervals of strength, cardio, mobility, and rest (woo my favorite!). Allowing you to get a great full body workout with a variety of movements to keep it fun and to not over exhaust any particular muscle group. The time will pass so quickly you won’t even realize it until we are done! Plus the mobility serves as a nice bonus to actively rest while taking our joints through full ranges of motion through muscular activation. I know, fancy. That way I am sneakily getting you to work just a little longer without over fatiguing you. My goal is for you to leave this workout feeling refreshed. You may be tired, but I want you to feel like this workout built you up!

If you need convincing, that exerting energy actually helps you have more energy, I’ve got you covered. Just read my post Get Better Sleep for Better Prenatal Energy to get all the details. If that doesn’t motivate you to workout, then try my Prenatal Lazy Mobility Workout to at least get 10 minutes of activity in today. Just 10 minutes! You can do that, girly. At this point in pregnancy, any activity is good so just do what you can to get busy.

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