Weighted Full Body Burn – Quick Prenatal Workout

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Keep it short and sweet on the days you just don’t have the time. With this weighted prenatal quick workout you will feel the burn all over. All you need is a kettlebell or dumbbell to get started!

We all have those days that we are fighting the clock. You just can’t seem to get on schedule or the time is slipping away. Well this quick prenatal workout is just under 20 minutes, including your warm up and cool down of course. And I KNOW we can all fit 20 minutes somewhere into our day! Or maybe you just really cannot get motivated. I bet 12 minutes of work time sounds doable now, right? All I ask is that you dedicate 1% of your day to fitness, you will feel better for it!

Keeping this workout short was not my only intention. I also designed this workout with busy moms of little ones in mind. Kids need your undivided attention and it can be hard to even get that 1% of time. So I formatted this workout into 3-minute rounds of work followed by 90 seconds of rest. Just long enough to burn it out, but short enough your little one won’t notice your lack of attention. Plus, you can utilize the rest time to tend to your toddler, win-win! For more tips on fitting in workouts when you have a little one, check out Successful Workouts as a Toddler Mom.

Quick prenatal AND postpartum

Now I know it may sound like three minutes is not enough. But I can promise that those three minutes of work time will feel earned. As we will be sure to hit the full body and you can push a pace that challenges you! I chose simple exercises and a short rep range for just that reason. This workout uses movements that are safe for prenatal and postpartum mamas. So book mark it for after your baby comes too!

And for those final days of pregnancy that you want to keep it short and you barely can move, follow along for my Prenatal Lazy Mobility Workout. I’ve got your covered mama, so find some space and let’s sweat!

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