Third-Trimester Strength Workout For Labor

Save for Later!

Let’s activate and prep the muscle groups you will use on delivery day with a strength workout for labor. All you need is some space to move and a good attitude!

What to expect

In this workout we will be using only bodyweight movements. I formatted work, active recovery, and rest intervals into a 16 minute sweat. I chose exercises around our third trimester mobility (i.e. belly!) and the key muscle groups that need attention. We will focus on squats, hinges, vacuums, and pelvic tilts for a full body, strength workout. The design of this workout includes concentric and isotonic contractions to prepare for the big day. So let’s sweat!

After you work those muscles, try my Prenatal Lazy Mobility Workout for a fun cool-down to open up. In just 10 minutes, you will move your joints through full range of motion working from head to toe. Mobility is the icing to a strength cake if I do say so myself!

How to workout for labor?

This will be a great workout for labor to incorporate regularly into your third trimester regimen. It will help you stay on track and condition your muscular endurance. So bookmark it for later! If you want to learn more about why I designed the workout this way then check out Third Trimester Strength to Help Prepare For Labor. There, I explain how my birth experience has helped me to find the best way to prepare mamas for that delivery day workout! But keep in mind, I can only prepare you so much and so well for your big day. So be sure take the time to always workout with a purpose. And on those days it’s hard to motivate yourself to get moving, remember that your workouts are practice for labor. The more you practice, (HOPEFULLY) the smoother your labor will be!

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