Prenatal Third Trimester Walking Workout

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Get your cardio workout in with this 28 minute walking workout tailored for mamas in their third trimester! Made with exercises and work intervals designed to safely get your heart rate up, under control.

Tag along for my at-home walking workout designed for mamas that are in their third trimester. We will get our hearts pumping with full body, cardio exercises. The exercises will be modifiable based on your mobility so you can adjust the workout to fit your body. What makes this workout effective and safe for the third trimester is that we will be utilizing short work and rest intervals in order to adjust the intensity.

Why A Walking Workout?

Getting in effective cardio in the final months of pregnancy can be a daunting task. Because now you are really feeling the effects of your growing belly. You are probably noticing that you get out of breath much easier. Loosened joints and a heavy pelvic floor will make any impact exercise unappealing. So how do you get your cardio in when you have to, yet again, adjust your workouts to meet the new needs of your body? This workout is a great way to do just that and get some more ideas to utilize!

You can also head over to my post The Best Prenatal Workout for Third Trimester Cardio. There I give more tips you don’t want to miss on why you should continue to make cardio a priority in the third trimester. Plus how to adjust your intensity to a safe prenatal level. You can also check out my Prenatal Safe HIIT Workout for another great cardio push. Although not made specifically for the third trimester, I was in mine when I recorded it!

Take advantage of these tools and beat those excuses mama! Find some space and let’s sweat!

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