Corrective Workout for Upper Crossed Syndrome

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For mamas at all levels, this workout is designed with functional exercises to improve upper crossed syndrome for better posture.

Why corrective exercise?

Proper posture is the foundation for your longevity. Without it, discomfort and even injury can become a part of everybday life. Eventually, hindering your desire and ability to exercise functionally. Functional exercise is what keeps your body young and your fitness at its best. It can be characterized by the use of compound exercises that work in all planes of motion and focus on alignment.

What I love about functional fitness is how I can work the body in natural movement patterns. The exercises mimic my everyday activites while improving my strength and cardio. But when muscular imbalances get in the way of your fitness, they show themselves in the form of pain or nagging injuries. That is when corrective exercise should become your main focus. Corrective exercise is used to “correct” poor movement patterns and alignment that has developed overtime. One very common imbalance that often needs correcting is upper crossed syndrome.

What is upper crossed syndrome?

This problem is common, but often overlooked and ignored. Identified by forward head posture that affects the upper spine through slumped shoulders, a tight and closed chest, and a weak or rounded back. These issues can lead to discomfort and injury if ignored. Especially noticeable in the back and shoulders. If you notice any of these imbalances in yourself, be proactive.

So join me for this simple yet effective workout designed for anyone that finds themselves to have some degree of upper crossed syndrome. The only equipment you need is a PVC pipe or a broomstick. And with just a few different exercises that will target the areas of imbalance in a format of long work periods. Allowing you to really focus on form and technique. My goal is to draw your awareness to the mind and muscle connection. Remember, our workouts are about quality of each rep, not the quantity of reps. Sounds like the type of workouts made for moms, right? You need to be in tip top shape for those rigorous play times!

I also want to draw the attention of my postpartum mamas. This workout can help you find relief and feel like yourself again! I talk about it more in my post Better Posture to Improve Comfort and Boost Confidence After Baby.

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