Postpartum Mobility Workout

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A mobility “workout” desinged to activate and elongate the muscle groups that become stiff and sore while specifically while postpartum.

Let’s work out all of your stiffness and achiness with a full body mobility workout made for my postpartum mamas. I designed this workout to be focused on improving your range of motion. We will do this by activating the muscles that tend to “sleep” and become weakened from pregnancy and caring for babies. We will utilize dynamic stretches to build heat and “warm up” the muscles while working through a rang of motion. This preps the muscles for static stretches to loosen and lengthen effectively. You can expect to work head to toe and in all planes of motion.

My goal is to leave you feeling revitalized and relaxed. Making this great for your mornings to wake up and get ready for your day. As well as your evenings to wind down for bed. Stretching and light activity can help your body find comfort and relaxation when you climb into bed for that much needed and very scarce sleep.

As a new mom, you can tend to neglect your own needs. Lack of time and energy are the main reasons. That’s why I love this workout so much. You don’t need much time, and you don’t need to prep yourself to jump in. All you need is 20 minutes! This lowkey workout requires minimal effort, just your participation. So just show up and you’ll feel better for it. By the end of it you will have accomplished more than you expected and maybe even, be motivated to do a little more! When your body feels good, so does your mind. Let’s sweat!

If you want some more tips, check out Stretches For Better Sleep As A New Mom.

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