Postpartum Core Strengthening Workout

Save for Later!

The most important part of fitness for new moms is an effective postpartum core workout. Join me for the secrets to a tight tummy after baby.

Build a strong postpartum core

This workout is designed to use throughout your entire postpartum fitness. Save it for later and visit it at least once a week because you don’t want to miss out on results like these. This is more than a sweat session. In this workout I will teach you the key to proper core engagment that you can use with every exercise and maximize your workouts regardless of goal. We will be using just our bodyweights in standing and floor exercises that will challenge the entire trunk of your body.

Why core strength is important after baby

Core workouts are more than just crunches and a burning 6 pack. A true core workout hits the back, abdominals, and both the pelvic and shoulder girdles. That’s because core workouts should be focused on strengthening, and in my opinion, correcting posture. You can’t have a strong chain with a weak link. And when you are postpartum, there tend to be many weak links. My goal is to expose them and give you the tools to identify and improve those weaknesses so you can be efficent with your time as a busy new mom.

You may notice I emphasize the importance of posture. It’s because your posture is the foundation to a healthy body. If you want to learn more about proper posture and corrective exercise join me here for a simple breakdown and a great corrective workout. After having a baby, I am always eager to get back into my “pre-baby” body and feel like myself again. And that is what I want to help you mamas do too. Ready? Let’s sweat!

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