10 Minute PLANKSgiving Workout

Save for Later!

Stay on track this holiday season with a FUN planksgiving workout that will have you giving thanks.

We all know that as a mom the holidays get BUSY. So busy that it can be hard to fit in a workout. Well I am here to help you, mama! All you need is to do a quick warm-up then jump into this 10 minute workout that will be so quick you can fit it in anytime, anywhere. Don’t let your schedule be an excuse to let your fitness fall behind during the holiday season. Save this workout for whenever you know your are short on time or the day slipped away from you.

With an entire workout surrounding planks, you will get a CHALLENGING full body workout. With a focus on core strength and endurance, you will be sweating and counting your blessings that its a quick one. Planks not only test the body, but they test the mind too. You will be forced to dig deep and stay strong to get the most out of your workout (and not be a whimp of course!). So quit making excuses for why you fell off track this holiday season. And push yourself to keep fitnes and priority.

Give thanks for your planksgiving workout

I know it can be hard to make your fitness a priority during the holidays. Schedules get thrown off. There’s lots of parties with food and alcohol. You’re celebrating with family and it’s easy to just give in. And if you find yourself giving in too much, you can hurt all the progress you made. But it can be so hard to stay strong and on track with your fitness. So check out The Easiest Ways To Stay Fit During The Holidays to keep it simple without feeling guilty or like you’re missing out. See you there!

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