Full Body Balance and Stability Workout

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Challenge your balance, stability, and focus with this super simple bodyweight workout that improves your fitness and help you take your workouts to the next level.

Why incorporate balance and stability workouts

In my opinion, balance and stability are two important yet often neglected components to a fitness routine. They should be part of the foundation to everyone’s fitness. Without balance and stability, how will you safely do impact or high intensity exercises? How will you improve joint integrity? How will you create a stronger core? All of these aspects of fitness that most people look to get out of their exercise routines can be improved when balance and stability has been trained effectively.

In this workout I aim to do just that. I want to challenge you in a safe way. And we will do so by utilizing stabilization exercises through a dynamic range of motion. This will help to better improve your balance. You will HAVE to be 100% focused during this workout to properly engage and activate all moving parts of each exercise. And although simple, this workout will make you sweat because we will be working the entire body and all of the major muscle groups. Our focus through this workout is to move intentionally and with complete control. So lots of time under tension!

I created this balance and stability workout with those active recovery days in mind. If you are like me, some days I don’t want to move fast or need a break from strength training. But I still want something to make me feel like I worked hard. And this workout is for days like that. Join me and you will feel your fitness challenged in new ways that keep you mentally enganged.

Stay balanced in fitness and mom life

Since we are on the topic of balance, I know that motherhood can get in the way of your fitness. But you can Get Amazing Results By Balancing Fitness And Mom Life with these tips. There’s too much to go over here, so join me and I’ll help you be a happier, healthier mama!

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