Advanced Push Up Workout

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Burn out your upper body with this ALL push up workout. Chest, back, shoulders, arms, and core will be toast by the time you PUSH through.

This workout is entirely bodyweight. I wanted to get creative and give you some different and very challenging variations of push ups. That not only test your muscular strength and endurance, but your cardio as well. This workout is advanced in level AND it is advanced in mental toughness. Your heart will pound, your muscles will ache, and you will be stronger for it at the end. I mix it up to keep it fun and interesting so you aren’t just watching the clock. And each exercise varies in target muscle group. So although it is all upper body, I wanted us to avoid overload. Because in a workout like this, that would cause form to be compromised or even failure. Which completely defeats the point of the workout!

If you are not at an intermediate to advanced level you could modify this workout as you need. then eventually work your way up to doing it as written. What a great way to track and see progress!

So let’s burn out those muscles and push our way through this workout!

Why you should do this push up workout

Regardless of your fitness goals and even level, you should be doing push ups within your exercise routine. They are one of my favorite exercises because they don’t require equipment, can be modified for any level, and have so many ways to vary them. Not only that but they really are a full body exercise if done properly. They improve upper body strength and increase core stability. In fact, the push up is The Best Exercise To Improve Women’s Upper Body Strength, if you ask me. Find out why and how to get started in my post^. Otherwise, get ready and let’s sweat!

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