Functional Stability Ball Workout for Upper Body

Save for Later!

Correct your posture and strengthen your upper body with my functional stability ball workout. All you need is a wall, a ball, and some space!

I know how motherhood and most of our daily habits can cause poor posture. Between pregnancy, holding babies, playing with kids, work, chores, cooking, driving, and phone use, we are set up to become hunchbacks. So get proactive. And join me to correct your movement patterns and activate your upper body. All with exercises that facilitate proper alignment and mechanics. We will be focusing on improving core strength and stability. By using a variety of traditional movements in a non traditional way that will push you to focus and stabilize. This workout will help you draw our shoulders back and down and eliminate forward posture. Afterwards, you will feel stronger and more confident by the time we finish.

I want you to save this workout for later. Come back and revisit whenever you feel like your posture is suffering or you have some back discomfort. That way you can find relief and create better movement patterns that you will use everyday. That’s why we train for functional fitness. To better our daily lives and better our fitness. Because a healthy mom is a happy mom. And a happy mom is what you and your family deserve. When you feel the results, you feel better too.

This functional stability ball workout is perfect when you want a lot of results without using a lot of equipment. The stability ball is simple and can be used by anyone. All reasons why the stability ball The BEST Exercise Equipment For Building Core Strength. Head over to learn how and why you should start incorporating a stability ball into your exercise routine now. Are you ready? Let’s sweat!

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