Corrective Full Body Workout For Posture

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Get a full body burn using just your bodyweight in this corrective workout for improving posture. Made for all levels of fitness!

Take some time and assess your posture! Look for muscular imbalances that show in the form of rounded shoulders, tucked hips, or over extension in the low back. Chances are you have some degree of imbalance. Most of us do! It’s because our everyday habits cause neglected and/or tight muscles that change our alignment. And having an aligned posture can greatly improve your athletic ability as well as your everyday comfort. So corrective and funcitonal training should be a consistent element in your fitness routine.

And I believe that to such a degree that I designed this corrective workout for anyone of any level. You don’t need any fitnes equipment. Just a PVC pipe, broomstick, or even a long towel. Bodyweight workouts are fantastic for allowing a focus on muscular control and exercise technique. Two very important elements to being effective in your corrective workout for posture. I wanted this workout to be simple yet challenging by giving variations of common exercises. However, these variations emphasize activation of weak muscle groups through a range of motion that opposes our typical movement patterns. And therefore taking you out of your comfort zone.

We will do this by focusing on activating weak posterior chain muscles by firing them through a full range of motion. All with an emphasis on the transverse abdominal engagement through compound movements.

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If you like this workout, come back and revisit once a week or check out my other functional and corrective workouts! Mix these kinds of workouts in to your fitness routine to improve your posture, ability, and confidence. Because I know that my fit mamas are here for more than just a quick sweat. You’re looking to progress your fitness while keeping it simple.

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