Yoga Workout for Strong and Mobile Shoulders

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Strong and mobile shoulders are healthy shoulders. Activate your muscles in controlled and coordinated movements with this workout.

Poor shoulder health is a common problem these days. Lack of proper mobility and activation causes us to have limited range of motion which greatly affects our strength. But with practice and the proper activation, you can improve your coordination and control. And that is the goal of this workout. I want you to challenge yourself in a safe and controlled workout that will leave you feeling healthier and stronger. With a variety of holds and slow, dynamic movement you will be working up a sweat as we challenge our bodies and minds. You may want to keep a towel nearby so you are sliding off of your mat!

After dynamically warming up the supporting muscles of the shoulders, we will activate them in different directions and planes of motion. You will need all of your focus to stabilize, and coordinate your muscles in slow and controlled movements. Your shoulders are going to burn, mama! But you will thank me later when you can throw your toddler over your head with ease for some fun playtime. All thanks to your strong and mobile shoulders after this workout.

Yoga workouts are a fantasic way to train mobility and increase strength. And you can do so without lifting up a single dumbbell. Sounds kind of crazy, I know. But read my post on How To Increase Your Strength With Mobility Training. There I teach you the basics of just how mobility plays a role in your strength and muscle performance. Plus, I give you tips on how to improve your mobility so you can get strength results even faster. And it won’t require drinking a protein shake every 10 minutes LOL.

Let’s sweat!

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