Full Body Cardio Kettlebell Workout

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Join me for a full body kettlebell cardio workout that will push your heart rate, boost your performance, and make you sweat!

A great way to step up your conditioning is to add some intensity to your cardio workouts. Kettlebells are the perfect way to do it! Whether kettlebells are new to you, or you’re experienced, we use SIMPLE movements in this workout. You will need minimal space, 25 minutes, and just ONE kettlebell. I suggest you use a light-medium weight because we will be working in high reps and with full body movements. This will allow you to get a good burn without muscular fatigue that causes failure.

This stamina building, full body kettlebell cardio workout requires a tough mind. With long work intervals and short rests, you will be testing your endurance while still building strength. Not to mention all the calories you will be burning, so a great workout if you’re looking to tone and sculpt! This is one of the reasons I love kettlebells. Check out my post here to find out why they are the ULTIMATE tool that you need to incorporate into your fitness routine. You can also find out how to find the best weight to use for your workouts.

And although this is a cardio focused workout, you will stimulate your muscles and boost your strength too. This workout also takes advantage of the kettlebell’s unique shape to improve balance, coordination, and power. So you can be the mom that is agile and ready for playtime! You can keep up with the kids and be ready for more.

I like to make the most of my workout time. And by hitting strength and cardio in one session is my favorite way to get a well-rounded workout. Are you ready? Let’s sweat!

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