Squat Challenge Workout

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Challenge yourself with this squat only workout! Great for toning your thighs and glutes while building fantasic endurance in your legs.

Looking for a squat challenge? I hope so, because this workout will put your muscles to the test. With a variety of squats at a variety of intensities we will burn it out for 16 minutes. I wanted to keep this workout short because I wanted us to finish before too much muscle fatigue occured. That way you can perform with proper mechanics and avoid compromising your form. I formatted this workout for you in short work and rest intervals. Just 20 seconds of each! That way you will be able to push yourself hard while we are moving, but have just enough time to shake out your muscles and catch your breath. Although…20 seconds is the only rest breaks you will have through the entire workout, Talk about a challenge!

Another reason I wanted to give you short intervals was to keep you motivated throughout a hard workout. It can be tempting to take rounds off or skip certain exercises when you get tired. But knowing that you only have to work for a short period is just enough to push you through it. Plus, you started the workout, you might as well make the most out of the 16 minutes, since that is all you get!

And while we are talking about motivation, if you find yourself having a hard time staying on track then check out Break Unhealthy Habits With Exercise In 5 Simple Steps. Lots of easy tips on how to train yourself to make and stick with healthier habits. Plus, I give you lots of examples to make it even simpler. So c’mon fit mama! Are you ready for a challenge? Let’s sweat!

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