Muscular Endurance Workout | Full Body Conditioning

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This Muscular Endurance Conditioning Workout will burn! The perfect style of exercise for women that want to get strong without getting bulky.

Ladies don’t be afraid of the weights! Strength training is an essential part of fitness. Now manipulate it to get cardio at the same time and you have got yourself some serious conditioning.

Why do a muscular endurance workout?

This workout does just that. Using a lighter weight, high reps, short rest breaks, and a variety of exercises we will be training our MUSCULAR ENDURANCE. I chose this method to break a sweat while we build strength. Muscular endurance workouts boost your conditioning. By working the muscles over and over again to fatigue, you will be causing neurological responses that change and increase force production. So you don’t have to increase muscle size to increase strength. And by working at a lower intensity with higher volume (low weight and high reps) you won’t be within the parameters for muscle growth. Making this muscular endurance workout perfect for building strength without the bulk.

This is great for you ladies that are busy and looking to make the most your workouts. Burn calories, build strength, boost cardio, and get tougher in just 30 minutes! And all you need is just one weight. You can use either a dumbell or kettlebell. I suggest a weight that is light enough for a lot of reps but will still take you to the brink of fatigue.

I love these kinds of workouts because they move quickly and keep you from feeling bored. We are regularly switching it up to avoid compromising form by failure. Switching between upper, lower, core, and full body exercises, we’ll be sure to hit muscles everywhere, one way or another. So grab your water, free weight of choice, and probably a towel. Are you ready? Let’s sweat!

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