Plank Workout | Tabata CHALLENGE

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Ready for a core challenge? Take on this all PLANK workout set in a HIIT format. A great workout for a day you need a quick burner.

This workout is a great way to build core strength. All planks in an interval workout that will challenge your body AND mind. Planks are one of my favorite exercises because yes, they are great for core, but they really work the entire body.

I use a variety of planks and exercises that hit the major muscle groups through the full body without taking you out of the plank position. We will be utilizing lower intensity exercises that focus on strength and higher intensity exercises that work the full body. This workout will help build core strength, powerful lower body muscles, shoulder endurance, and cardio. This is also great for shoulder mobility since we won’t just be holding in one position. Incorporating jumps and changing levels will allow the shoulder girdle to be active in different positions and angles. Besides, who wants to hold a plank over and over again? That’s boring!

While still keeping it simple, I amp up the intensity with a tabata style, HIIT format. That means we will be working in short work and rest intervals. This style of workout keeps the intensity high by allowing you to rest just enough to recover so you can hit it hard again. Plus, fast intervals keep your mind focused so you aren’t mentally wandering and hoping for the bell to ring. It helps to make the workout go quickly, even while we suffer together 😉

But what I like even more about HIIT style workouts is that they keep you motivated through the workout. They are intense, fun, and have just enough rest to keep you from quitting. This plank workout will make you mentally tougher. Are you ready? Let’s sweat!

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