Kettlebell HIIT Workout | 12 Minute Nonstop Tabata

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Looking for a quick burner? Well, grab your kettlebell for this HIIT workout that is just 12 minutes of nonstop tabata.

I like HIIT workouts. I really like kettlebell HIIT workouts. And I LOVE kettlebell HIIT workouts that are only 12 minutes long! As busy moms, sometimes we just don’t have enough time in the day. But anyone can fit in a 12 minute workout. It’s even better when you know that in such a short amount of time you will burning lots of calories. All by using with strength and cardio, full body exercises in a nonstop tabata format.

I keep it super simple. Just 3 exercises. That’s it. But what do you expect in a 12 minute kettlebell HIIT workout? Something easy to follow. And that’s what Simple Mom Fitness is all about! When we are moving fast in a NONSTOP tabata workout (20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest) we don’t have time to waste, mama! I am efficient with our rest/transition time so you can get the most out of every work interval.

We will fight fatigue by keeping the work distributed evenly over the entire body. Upper, lower, and core work using push and pull movements. For this workout I suggest you use a moderate to heavy sized kettlebell. By working in full body exercises and short intervals, a light weight might not be challenging enough for this short burst workout. Remember, it is a HIGH INTENSITY interval workout. So to kick up the intensity we want to move quickly, powerfully, and with a challenging weight.

This workout is made for the strong willed mamas that don’t want to make excuses. Although this is short, it will be grueling if you do it right. So are you ready, fit mamas? Let’s sweat!

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