Lower Body Corrective Workout | Mini Loop Resisitance Band

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Improve muscular imbalances in your lower body with this corrective workout. Exercise your way to a more comfortable posture.

Why a corrective workout for the lower body

Most of us live with muscular imbalances somewhere in the body. But most often they are found around the hips or shoulders. And you can’t ignore them, otherwise they will let you know they need some attention. Maybe in the form of chronic discomfort or pain. Or even in what seems like a random injury. We want to try to beat these imbalances before they beat us. The best way to do that is with, my favorite, corrective exercise.

Corrective exercise is specific exercise that pushes our bodies to work in the proper movement patterns. This is done by activating and strengthening weakened muscles that have been neglected or lengthened too often. It also focuses on relaxing muscles that are overactive or have become too tight from spending too much time contracted.

We usually see imbalances in the hip girdle and lower body from too much sitting. This workout contains some of my favorite exercises for this particular problem. This workout uses a mini loop band to give us some resistance and gently increase the intensity. This method helps us to stay focused on the exercise itself rather than trying to push a pace. So it makes for a great workout to challenge you in a way that makes you work hard and get a sweat. But without having to “go hard.” In fact the more controlled you work, the more work you will be doing. This lower body corrective workout is not about speed or strength, it’s about perfecting your form and mechanics.

So get ready to rock ladies. All you need is a little space and a mini loop band. Are you ready? Let’s sweat!

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