Functional Core Strength Workout | Stabilitiy Ball

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Stability balls are a great tool to improve posture and stabilize. Build motor control with this functional core strength workout.

Everyone wants to have a stronger core. A stronger core means a tighter tummy and a more confident mama! But it’s hard to know the best core exercises that actually get you results. You can do 1000 sit ups a day, but you won’t build true core strength and stability like that.

What makes this a FUNCTIONAL core strength workout

And this workout is a great place to start! Using just a few simple exercises that are highly EFFECTIVE, we will focus on control while still getting a burn. And the only thing you need is a stability ball! They are one of my favorite tools for building core strength. When doing core workouts you want to be very intentional with your movements, so we won’t be rushing for reps. Rather than focusingn on quality over quantity.

What makes this a functional core strength workout, is the element of the stability ball. Giving us an unstable surface, it is designed to help build motor control of all of those little muscles that work to support the spine. The exercises I chose for this workout aren’t all corrective in nature, but work together to force our muscles to work in the right movement patterns. Helping us to activate the weak and neglected muscles while lengthening and mobilizing the tight muscles that are overcompensating.

This workout is for anyone (other than my prenatal mamas) that wan to boost their core performance. It should also be revisted often if you find yourself sitting all day due to work or school. This workout will be challenging, it’s supposed to be! That way you can get in a good sweat without losing the point of the workout. For more core workouts checkout my youtube channel!

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