Calisthenics Workout for Legs & GLutes | Bodyweight Strength & Cardio

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We will focus on the legs and glutes in this calisthenics workout to tone the lower body with lean muscle.

Get a bodyweight burn in with some calisthenics! With a variety of moves we will mix it up to build strength and boost cardio. I programmed this workout for my busy mamas that want to get burn lots of calories and build muscle and strength in ONE workout. You won’t need any equipment and only minimal room. So it’s perfect for the days you are in a hurry and need a convenient workout that you have to do in the eye of the storm. I also made this workout for moms of all levels, beginner to athlete your pace will determine the intensity of this workout. You set the tone, so let’s hit it hard.

I wanted to keep it simple with basic movements that allow you to transition easily without wasting time. By sticking with a few foundational movements, I adjust the pace as well as the time under tension to give you a challenge that is easy to follow according to your ability.

This calisthenics workout should be in every woman’s fitness routine. It’s a fantastic way to improve strength, endurance, and power in the lower body. Click the link if you want to know why it’s the perfect calisthetics workout for beautiful legs. Calisthenics can provide a means to increase muscle size and strength. But they can also help you burn a lot of calories. By incorporating the more powerful or cardio style calisthenics, you can increase the intensity and have an interval style workout. Build muscle and burn lots of calories in one workout.

So give it a try and check out my YouTube channel for more lower body workouts to get athletic sculpted legs.

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