Upper Body Functional Wall Workout | Strong Arms, Shoulders, & Core

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Strengthen your upper body using this functional wall workout. With an emphasis on core strength, you will walk away with good posture!

Wall workouts are fantastic for the moms that work out at home! All you need is…wait for it…a wall. I think most homes have those LOL. But the reason I love wall workouts is because walls don’t move. They keep you honest. Okay, I know I sound a little silly, we are talking about a wall here. But really! It’s the best way to keep yourself in a plane of motion without “cheating.” Im using the word, cheating, a little heavily here. But by holding onto support or connecting your body to something you are or can compromise your mechanics. And that takes the “functional” out of this workout. Plus, this workout takes advantage of the exercises that really challenge your form and strength by forcing you to do them properly. It’s kind of like a silent personal trainer. That’s pretty cool right?

What makes this upper body wall workout a functional one, is that we are focusing on posture and proper mechanics. And the root of proper posture is great core strength. We will implement the foundation of the most essential core strength exercises for moms after baby, before baby, and in any phase of motherhood.

Plus, don’t you want a toned upper body? This workout uses variations of what I deem to be the only 3 exercises you need to tone your upper body. And one of these is the BEST exercise for women to improve upper body strength. This wall workout is a little more on the intermediate to advanced side but give it a try and test yourself! Get fit and get out of your comfort zone, mamas. Are you ready? Let’s sweat!

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