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Making fitness simple for busy moms

Working out is already hard, at least it should be if you want some serious results! So I took the time to put together fun and simple, FREE workouts for moms of all levels. These are in easy-to-follow videos so all you have to do is find some space and click to get started. Each workout is plugged into a blog post that will educate you on what we are doing and the important role it has on your fitness. That way you can perform with a purpose and take control of your fitness goals!

Keeping the workouts simple for moms

These simple workouts are tailored for busy moms, just like you! As busy moms our time, resources, and let’s be honest, patience, is limited. I begin each video with a quick introduction on the goal, such as cardio, upper body, etc. Then let you know what equipment you will need, if any! We also will start with a warm-up and end with a cool-down so that you do not need to do either on your own. I kept in mind that many of you may be doing your workouts in small spaces. So I programmed with that in mind. Most of these workouts are 30 minutes long or less. That way you can get your sweat in before the kids wake up, are doing homework, or taking a nap.

If you join me here, you won’t have to spend hours in the gym or scrolling through the internet trying to find something that interests you.

Workouts for moms of all fitness levels

To reach your goals you need to do effective workouts. Duhhh, thank you coach Zoe *cue eyeroll*. Yes that was a very obvious statement haha, BUT many people think that as long as they are sweating, they are being effective. Unfortunately, there is more to it. The keyword here is GOAL. If you want to get stronger so you can pick up your toddler with ease, doing only cardio workouts probably are not going to cut it. Or maybe you are in your second trimester and you are doing workouts that really are not made for prenatal mamas. So you spend time waiting on the next exercise or doing some hokey modification that can actually cause more harm than good.

See what I am getting at here? I want to provide you ladies with such a variety of options that you can pick the simple workouts that meet your needs. That way they remain EFFECTIVE. Not just random chaos that your body doesn’t know how to respond to other than to struggle. Although, some struggling is encouraged ;).

Getting motivated as a busy mom

Okay, now I can’t do everything for you. But you landed here which means you did one of the hardest parts, looked for guidance! Sometimes the biggest thing that holds us back is ourselves. Sorry to get a motivational speaker on you haha. It’s true though! We make excuses and accept the lies we are telling ourselves. I do it too. All the time.

But moms, be your biggest cheerleader! You CAN get fit and keep your health a priority. Use these tools I’m giving you to take control. I will be there coaching and cheering you on throughout your entire workout and struggling with you, misery loves company, remember? All you need to do is to show up and I will push you to the end so you can go on with your day feeling accomplished.

How to get started

I keep my blog and free workouts for moms categorized for you so they are easy to find. I also upload them all to my YouTube channel for easy accessibility! If you are looking for even more guidance like a program, head to my Programs page to find one to start today. The programs walk you through day by day workouts and are based around your specific fitness goal!

I am so excited that you are here mama, let’s get to work!