Postpartum Early Recovery Program


If you just had your baby and you’re ready to get back on track, join me for this 4-week postpartum program to ease back into a regular fitness routine.  Feel yourself get stronger and build stamina as you progress at a pace that works for you and your body.

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This postpartum program is perfect for new mamas of all levels. We progress from basic, low intensity workouts to a more diverse format. Everyday looks different as we mix and match upper body, lower body, core, and cardio workouts throughout the weeks. Starting with just bodyweight workouts that will gradually utilize light weights and/or resistance bands. Throughout my postpartum program we will maintain a focus of relaying the foundation of core strength and posture integrity. We will also be gradually improving cardiovascular endurance as well as general full body muscular endurance. That way you will reactivate your muscles in proper movement patterns as you improve your conditioning in a controlled and gradual pace.

Why you need THIS Postpartum Program

My goal is to improve your early postpartum conditioning in a way that helps you to maintain form integrity when you do return to higher intensity exercise. Otherwise to minimize bad habits and poor exercise technique for when you return to your previous exercise routine. It can be intimidating to jump back into exercise after having a baby. And I know that you want to feel healthy, fit, and like yourself again. So join me for 4 weeks and you will be feeling better than ever! By the end you will feel more confident, strong, and ready to progress your fitness routine and workouts. I want to provide my postpartum mamas with as many tools as possible. I know you have it in you. Are you ready? Let’s Sweat!

All you need is 2 light weights, 1 mini loop resisitance band (optional), and a little space. 

Be sure to follow any recommended modifications as needed or to modify as needed for your body and limitations. Don’t skip the warm-ups as they are crucial for safety and maximizing performance. Listen to your body and have fun!

Always consult with your physician before starting this or any exercise or fitness program. During your workout, if you feel dizzy, faint, lightheaded, short of breath, or any pain please stop and seek medical attention immediately. Results are not guaranteed and may vary per person. Participate at your own risk.



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