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Hi, I’m Zoe

As busy moms we know that motherhood can make getting and staying fit hard! And with all the information out there it can be confusing and even demotivating when you are trying to balance all that life throws at you.

At Simple Mom Fitness, I will provide you with the tools you need to get fit and learn through simple articles, workouts, and more that will keep you motivated!

A Little About Me

Into adulthood, health and fitness had become my way of life. I graduated high school as an athlete and went on to pursue a professional career in combat sports. Staying at my physical peak was not an interest but a necessity for my lifestyle. In my sport we were “in season” year round with only short breaks (if we could even call it that, phew!) to recover before preparing for our next competition. Part of this included having to stay lean in order to make the weight class. At that point I had to immerse myself in nutrition and exercise to maintain a physique that would support me as an athlete.

How Fitness Became My Career

While pursing an athletic career it only came natural that I became so passionate about making health and fitness my career until I could compete full-time. I studied to become a personal trainer and loved it. Then I got certified through a strength and conditioning organization and started coaching right away. Once certified, I worked with a variety of clients from college kids to senior citizens, from beginners to former athletes, and all with a variety of goals. I expanded from working in just a personal one-on-one setting into a group setting as well coaching all kinds of fun classes. My passion for learning and helping my clients grow, drove me to earn certifications in senior fitness, corrective exercise, yoga, and more!

Staying Fit As A Mom

While growing my brand in fitness I became pregnant with my daughter! Then my life went zero to sixty, as the kids say these days. Although I loved my career, my husband and I really wanted our child to have the privilege of having a stay at home parent. And so there I was, an excited and expecting mom that had to figure out how we were going to make that work.

prenatal bird dog exercise

And we did, with some sacrifice. I left the health and fitness industry to get a job that allowed me to work while my husband could be home with the baby…night shift! *Cue scary music* Well, working three, twelve-hour shifts from 7 p.m. until 7 a.m. got exhausting very quickly. I was up for thirty-six hours straight while taking care of a baby in the meantime. It was hard, but still so worth it to be there with my daughter.

So how exactly did I find time to stay in shape? I didn’t. And I quickly felt the effects of my declining fitness wear on my body. Not long after, I was fortunate enough to reduce my hours to very part time and have more balance (I actually mean sleep) in my life. I became motivated again to workout and make it a part of my daily routine! But I was starting from a very unfamiliar place, with extra body fat and almost a year of deconditioning.

How I Want To Help Busy Moms

Now although I was starting from a more “beginner’s” place, I still had all my education as a trainer on hand. I knew that I had to do a, b, and c to get to x, y, and z. However my new perspective as a busy mom showed me what moms like you are looking for, what they need. They need simple and easy-to-follow workouts and guidance that can be balanced into daily life.

As a coach I had seen people start strong but fall off and never understood why. Why couldn’t people see that the key to a healthy and fit life is not a quick fix but a long term commitment? Because when you do not know how to balance your health into your lifestyle effectively you will either burn out or become discouraged. And I am here to be with you every step along the way. To teach you why we do what we do and what methods are effective for whatever your fitness goals are! See you out there, let’s sweat!

Coach Zoe

NESTA certified- Personal Fitness Trainer