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Exercise is almost always the answer, right? Well, in this case I will show you how much more prenatal energy you can have with exercise that supports a good night’s rest.

Prenatal sleep isn’t…great

Aside from hormones, a growing baby, and stress, why are expecting mamas struggling so much to sleep? Maybe you are one of the lucky ones, but chances are this will be a battle at some point in your pregnancy. It’s almost as if our bodies don’t want us to be too well rested, am I right??

I know some of these factors are somewhat inevitable because they are kind of a given with pregnancy. But it doesn’t make them any less of a problem! A restless mind causing a restless body (or legs, ugh!). Tossing and turning all night to get comfortable. Sore joints from being able to only sleep on your side, especially in the the hips and shoulders from an unsupported posture. Tight muscles. Sciatica, ouch! Trouble getting in a big enough breath. And, oh man, the tingling limbs from swelling. Okay you get my point, LOL. Where am I going with this?

How exercise creates prenatal energy

Yeah, yeah, if you work out you will be tired by the end of the day and sleep better at night, we know Coach Zoe. *Cue buzzer noise* Nope! Not what I was going to say. I mean, yes that’s is typically true, but that is not my quick tip for you here.

Exercise, as we already know, does so many wonderful things for the body. For starters, it is a known stress reducer. A less stressed mind calls for a less stressed body. Helping you ease those little worries in your head at night.

Exercise also relieves joint and muscle discomfort. Remember, worked muscles are tired muscles. And sometimes in pregnancy, we take it too easy on ourselves (I know, unpopular opinion). But maybe, you are trying to take it too easy because you feel fatigued, I know I have. So our restlessness at night is our body saying, “But I’m not even TIRED yet!” So move and groove to relieve tight muscles. They actually need to work through a range of motion to be more mobile and not lock up or cramp. If we can activate those supporting muscle groups in the day, we won’t pay for it at night.

Working out also helps increase circulation of blood. Nourishing those muscles and joints and keeping them lubricated. Plus all this circulation helps to reduce all the swelling and tingling just because your arm is bent under your pillow (yay prenatal carpel tunnel!).

And finally, our workouts help us improve our lung capacity and regulation. So when you condition your lungs in your workouts, you breath better at night.

Working out gets a lot more motivating when you know it can help you get adequate rest and have the prenatal energy for tomorrow!

prenatal energy

Stay balanced

Be sure to balance your physical efforts across strength training for support, cardio for conditioning, and mobility for relief! All three pieces of the prenatal puzzle.

For strength, be sure to hit those complex exercises that target multiple muscle groups, especially the large ones. Incorporate squats, hinges, lunges, rows, presses, and tabletop core work to give your hips, shoulders, and core good support.

For cardio, mix it up! Walking, swimming, and low to non-impact bodyweight exercises help you get your heart rate up while saving your joints.

And for mobility, be sure to focus on those large muscle groups around the hips and shoulders. Stretch the hip flexors, hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes, trapezoids, and pectorals to relieve the extra tension you may be carrying.

pigeon stretch for prenatal energy
Standing pigeon stretch

Get active daily

You don’t have to have the hardest workout of your life everyday for it to count, just move! Whether you rotate your workouts between strength and cardio and save stretching for your “off” or exceptionally tiring days. Or find a way to incorporate any exercise for 30 minutes each day. Regardless of how you do it, your body will thank you, and so will you when you wake up ready for the day tomorrow!

Sleep better for prenatal energy workout

Give it a try! Join me for a fun, NO REPEAT prenatal workout designed specifically for the third trimester. Incorporating all the things we talked about above, we will strengthen, get mobile, and sweat it out. Are you ready? Let’s Sweat!

If you want to check out more prenatal workouts, click here for a variety of strength, cardio, and mobility made for expecting mamas!

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