Babywearing Workout Video Playlist To Get Fit At Home

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Improve stamina and muscle tone postpartum with this effective babywearing workout video playlist that you can do at home.

As much as we love holding our babies, you can’t really get much done with a baby in your arms. Chores need done, older siblings need cared for, and mom needs a little exercise.

With each of my children, I was eager to get back to feeling like myself again. And working out is my “me-time.”

Putting my kiddos in a carrier was the best way I could find balance as a new mom. I could bond with my baby while keeping them close to me during a workout.

And we all know babies sleep best when they are being held. Which is another bonus of babywearing; baby naps while you sneak in a workout.

If you find yourself itching to get back to your fitness routine, join me for these babywearing workout videos that are designed for postpartum moms and young babies. These workouts are effective, fun, and safe for you and your little one.

How to workout while babywearing?

Especially being postpartum, always get clearance from your physician before starting any exercise or fitness program. Once cleared, follow these guidelines to keep you and baby safe during your workout…

  • Wear a secure, and breathable baby carrier (not wrap)
  • Maintain support of the baby’s head and neck
  • Avoid impact, bouncing, or jumping exercises
  • Opt for standing and upright exercises
  • Always keep baby’s face open to air
  • Stay hydrated and be careful not to overheat
  • Maintain core engagement and spinal alignment
  • Gradually build up in intensity and pace
  • Start with bodyweight and light resistance
  • Focus on proper technique and compound exercise

When babywearing, you want to avoid risking your baby’s safety or self injury, listen to your body and respond to baby’s cues.

You may need to cut your workout short, modify, or taking extra rest as you improve your fitness level. And you may need to pause your workout for readjust your baby or even end it early if they get agitated.

But that’s okay! Any exercise is better than no exercise, so keep your expectations low and give yourself grace as you return to fitness.

Does babywearing build muscle?

Repeatedly working your muscles against resistance by babywearing will help them grow stronger.

Your muscles respond to stimulus, they don’t “know” the difference between a dumbbell, resistance band, or baby. Your muscle simply responds to the added stress (weight) by working to overcome that force and in turn, adapt.

Babywearing is good for developing your core muscles because it helps strengthen your back, abdominals, and pelvic floor. Babywearing also helps build endurance in your legs and encourage good posture.

It’s a great habit for Better Posture to Improve Comfort and Boost Confidence After Baby. For more posture tips check out my post 7 Postpartum Habits To Avoid For Better Posture After Pregnancy.

Just be mindful not to overdo it and gradually increase your time babywearing. Just like any other muscle, your core muscles become fatigued over long periods of work.

If you notice you are having any soreness or discomfort, take a break from babywearing to give your muscles time to rest as not to encourage poor posture and alignment from compensation.

Does babywearing burn calories?

Everything we do burns calories, even existing. Therefore, anything we do beyond rest, burns extra calories.

Babywearing adds extra resistance to our muscles and therefore requires us to burn more calories to work against this added load.

Speaking of burning calories, does babywearing help you lose weight? Yes, babywearing can help you create a calorie deficit by building muscle and increasing your cardiac output and metabolism.

However, with repeated work our bodies adapt to stimulus and become more efficient (use less energy, i.e. burn less calories) at that given work. As you build your endurance babywearing, you will want to change the stimulus by increasing intensity, duration, or frequency.

This adjustment will encourage more calorie expenditure and boost metabolism so you can see progressive weight loss results.

Start by wearing your baby around the house has you do day-to-day activites for an hour or two. Once that becomes easier, you can increase your babywearing sessions each day. Then you can progress to babywearing workouts for a muscular and cardiovascular challenge!

Babywearing workout video playlist

Get fit at home as a family using these mommy and me workouts! Strap your baby on, find a little space, and get started!

No Equipment Postpartum Babywearing Workout

Get back in shape after baby with this postpartum workout designed for new moms. While wearing your baby (or not!) we will cycle through a handful of non impact exercises to get a full body cardio burn. This at home workout is all standing and you won’t need any equipment either.

Lower Body Strength Babywearing Workout

Improve lower body strength with this at home mommy and me workout. Designed for postpartum moms looking to get back into shape, increase leg and glute muscle tension, and pelvic floor strength. Weights are optional and just a little bit of space is required.

Full Body Workout (With Baby!)

Workout at home with your baby in this 30-minute postpartum workout. Using no equipment we will hit upper body, lower body, and cardio using bodyweight exercises while wearing baby. Join me for this fun, non-impact postpartum home workout.

Full Body Baby Carrier Workout

Get in strength and cardio with this at home postpartum workout. Grab your baby carrier and let’s jump in to this full body workout using bodyweight exercises. We will work through a tabata format to sneak in some intensity while allowing for frequent rest breaks as you build up your stamina.

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