Mom Self Care Activities That Will Change Your Life

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All you need are these realistic and fulfilling mom self care activities to see and feel the difference in your day to day life.

Mom self care activities that DON’T make a difference

You can’t poor from an empty cup. At least, that’s what they say. I am not really a fan of that analogy though. I feel like it is misleading. That analogy sounds like you need to “take” in order to feel whole again. Personally, motherhood has quickly shown me otherwise.

I think I would prefer the analogy of a car battery. Although, with these fancy cars nowadays, this may no longer be so common. We have all needed to jump start a car, right? You left the lights on and in the morning the car won’t start. The battery isn’t dead, it just needs a boost. Once, you get it started and drive around for a while, the battery is recharged as good as new.

That sounds like self care to me! As mothers we can easily get burned out, but sitting around and doing nothing is not going to magically make you feel better. I feel like the self care community has overemphasized these little band-aid, quick fix activites. I’m sure you’ve read to get your nails done, take a bath, or listen to a podcast with some “me time”. Sure, you may get some instant gratification. But, that isn’t going to actually relieve you of stress or overwhelm. Nor will bring you any true joy. It will serve as a distraction in the form of a “break,” leading you to feel a false sense of recharge.

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Think of how you take care of your kids. You support, nurture, and do what is best for their long term benefit. Yeah, a cookie would really cheer them up in the moment, but giving them sweets after every meltdown is going to create an emotional dependence on food.

As a mom, taking care of yourself doesn’t mean looking for a quick fix to feel happy. You need to actively make an effort for your long term benefit. Nurture your health and mindset to improve your quality of life all day, every day. That is the kind of mom self care activites you need.

Importance of self care for moms

Self care for moms improves mood and boosts motivation. Taking care of your health improves your quality of life as well as your confidence. When I hear women talking about needing self care, it is often this mental effect they are looking for. They want to feel better, mind and body.

Personally, when I am following healthy habits, my body feels good and my emotional state of mind is so much more consistent. Following a nutritious diet and a regular exercise routine can reduce your fatigue, physical discomfort, and stress. Therefore, improving sleep, energy levels, fitness, and mood.

In turn, I am a better at supporting my family and being empathetic to their needs. Rather than seeking an outlet to “serve” myself with consumption of products or services for some instant gratification. When I take care of my health (self), I am able to find the joy in helping others. My purpose as a mother and wife becomes my motivation instead of draining.

How do I start taking care of myself as a mom?

Make it a priority. To stay committed to your health, you need to create a foundation of support and set an effective goal. Explain to your family that taking care of yourself will help you be a better mom and wife. Begin by telling them what you need in order to stay on track. You could ask them to join you for exercise to hold you accountable. Invite them to participate by trying making healthier choices and getting rid of junk food. Ask them to have designated time with dad or to pitch in with chores so you have time to workout. Find whatever it is that works for you and your family so you can balance fitness and mom life. Taking care of yourself does not mean spa days or retail therapy. Mom self care activities take care of your mind and body.

How can a stay at home mom practice self care?

Exercise Daily

Whatever physical activity you can get in everyday for at least 20 minutes of elevated heart rate. Start by doingwhat is enjoyable so you stick with it until exercise becomes a part of your daily routine that you look forward to. Maybe that is Youtube at home workout videos so you can mix it up or have guidance. Try something different that interests you like dance fitness or cardio boxing. You can ride your bike,walk the dog, play with the kids in your backyard, or escape to the gym.

Try not to think of your workouts as a chore. It is so much easier than you think to find the time to exercise as a stay at home mom. You can workout while the kids are asleep, on the sidelines at soccer practice, or lean on dad to take over and give you “me time”. Or get the kids involved. Take a family walk or hike. They will benefit physically and mentally while getting in precious bonding time with you.

Remember that your workouts can be fun while still giving you that mental boost of accomplishment and endorphins. Soon you will crave that time to destress and challenge yourself as you see and feel the progress.

Adjust Diet

The keyword is adjust. You don’t need to suddenly adopt a strict meal plan or tracking method to eat nutritious foods and nourish your body. Start by picking one area to focus on until you are ready for the next. That could be cutting out junk food and fast food for home cooked meals and healthy snacks. Then, swapping out processed foods for whole foods. Next, you can focus on increasing your water intake. After that, learn how to portion control. The smaller bites (no pun intended) you take on healthy eating, the less of a project it becomes. Keep in mind that this is not a change you are making for short term effects. You will be making a lifestyle change. For more guidance, check out my Practical Guide: How Can a Stay At Home Mom Eat Healthy?

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What are some easy self care ideas?

Easy mom self care activities that you can incorporate into any day:

  • Trying a new recipe or food in place of a regular favorite. For example, whole wheat pasta instead of regular. Or homemade turkey burgers and sweet potato fries instead of pre-packaged, frozen beef burgers and french fries.
  • Take nature walks.
  • Try a mommy and me workout with your baby or toddler.
  • Exercise without leaving the house to save time and money.
  • Have an earlier bedtime.
  • Carry water with you everywhere you go.
  • Stretch while you watch TV.
  • Workout outside.
  • Try a new fitness class.
  • Listen to a nutrition podcast.
  • Teach your kids a few exercises.
  • Play a backyard sports game with the family like tag, catch, soccer, etc.
  • Turn on your favorite music and dance around the house.
  • Learn a new exercise.
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How do you not lose yourself in being a stay at home mom?

As a mom, it is so easy to put yourself last. Like skipping meals to cook, feed, and clean up after everyone else. Eating junk food because you have to get everyone to band practice, a soccer game, or a doctor’s appointment. Cutting your workouts short because the baby woke up early from their nap. Skipping your morning walk because you were up all night with a sick toddler. Neglecting your own self care can start the cycle of fatigue, feeling unmotivated, and engaging in unhealthy habits.

Setting personal goals will make sure that you make your health a priority, even when motherhood is busy. Skipping your workout is easy when your motivation was to get a bigger booty, have abs for summer, or to lose 5 pounds. They are superficial goals that don’t reall yhave any meaning or emotional ties. Set your health goals according to ways that will benefit your everyday life. Like increasing your strength so you can carry your toddler for long periods. Reducing back pain so you can sit and play on the floor. Improve your cardio so you can play sports with your kids. Increase your mobility to have less joint pain. Eat a healthier diet so you can avoid chronic illness like hypertension, diabetes, or obesity. Reduce stress so you have more patience wiht your loved ones.

If you need help with sticking to your goals or even making a plan for them, print out my FREE Accountability Chart. It’s easy to use and will help you stay on track to whatever health and fitness goal you set. The perfect outline to motivate you everyday.

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