Fun Family Workouts At Home For The Ultimate Family Fitness Plan

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Improve health and happiness with a family fitness plan. A variety of fun family workouts at home that everyone will love.

Exercising with family was a frequent and important part of my childhood. Some of my best memories are those sweat sessions.

Along with being fun, working out with my parents helped instill important character traits and a passion for health..

Now that I have a family of my own, I can’t wait to build memories together as we set healthy habits along the way.

By preparing ahead and having a family fitness plan, you can create an enthusiasm for health and fitness that will have a lasting impact on your kids for years to come.

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Can a family exercise together?

Exercising as a family is an effective way to bond while improving fitness. By modifying for age, ability, and safety, everyone can participate and reap the benefits of a family exercise session.

Regardless of the age span of your children, size of your family, or variety of schedule, you can find a way to improve fitness that brings everyone closer together.

How do you workout as a family?

Working out as a family requires different accomodations for ability and safety depending on the age of your child(ren).

  • Babywear or use a stroller to keep baby nearby and secure.
  • Incorporate frequent rest breaks for small children and toddlers.
  • Try partner exercises to increase interaction and communication.
  • Choose workouts that allow each person to go at their own pace.
  • Minimize equipment or opt for bodyweight exercises to minimize risk of injury.
  • Prepare exercise modifications for beginner fitness levels or younger children.
  • Stick with sports themed methods or functional exercises to improve skill fitness.
  • Start with a warm-up and end with a cool-down for safety.
  • Maintain easy access to hydration.
  • Let your kids participate in choosing the workout to boost their interest.
  • Always keep a positive attitude to maintain motivation.
  • Use challenges to incentivize your kids.
  • Turn family games into workouts to keep it fun.

Many of these suggestions allow you to keep everyone involved without sacrificing efficiency or efficacy of the workout. Minimizing interruption and keeping everyone included will maximimze motivation and minimize stress.

It’s never too early to get your kids involved in your fitness regimen. The sooner you include them, the sooner exercise becomes a normal part of their routine.

Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore, and it shouldn’t feel like one. Keep it let your kids be involved and choose formats that are fun and serve your child’s abilities best. Remember, the goal is for these family workouts at home to be fun memories you can all cherish together.

What are some exercise ideas for the family?

Mix it up and get creative, there are a large variety of ways to exercise as a family and keep it fun.

Sports games

Incorporating sports is a great way to sneak in exercise while everyone has fun. Whether that is in their traditional formats like a game or by using their favorite style you can enjoy a little friendly competition.

Backyard games

Don’t think too hard, the traditional ways kids get active outdoors can be a great workout for you too! Things like tag, red light green light, hula hoop, jump rope, badminton, etc. are all ways you can play with your kids while getting in a sweat. I made a circuit workout using a variety of these methods you can try with your family, find it below!

Fitness obstacle course

Laying out a fun yet challenging obstacle course using fitness equipment is a great way to keep older kids interested while you all improve your athletic skillset like agility, speed, balance, and reaction time. I made a obstacle course you can print out to follow or use as inspiration for your family, get it down below!


Trampolines are fun no matter what age you are. And bouncing on one of these babies requires a lot of core work and leg strength. Take turns, try new moves, or just jump around for as little as 15 minutes to get a high intensity workout in!

Dance parties

These are my go to family workouts we do at home for staying active indoor with little ones. Prepare or find a killer playlist with some upbeat music and get your body moving! Kids love it and it’s an instant mood booster.

Relay workouts

Relay workouts (think, you go then I go) are great ways to stay active indoors or out if you have a variety of ages or abilities in your family. Everyone can work within their capacity while being cheered on by the rest.

Pick an exercise then go until fatigue or a predetermined amount of reps as you take turns. You can also take a team style approach where group A works until fatigue or “x” reps, then goup B follows.

If you are looking for more of a challenge, instead of resting you can each perform an active recovery exercise like a wall-sit, plank, or sit-ups while you wait for your turn again. For a printable follow-along relay workout, check it out down below!

Exercise challenges

These are a great option if you find you may struggle to workout at the same time because everyone’s schedule. Set daily or weekly challenges that everyone can work towards on their own, like who can run the most miles that week, or who can do the most push-ups in 20 minutes, or who can hold the longest wall-sit. This let’s everyone be included even if not there in person.

Bodyweight at home workout videos

If you have the space, get together and choose an at home workout video to follow along with. Just be ready to modify for your kids or choose a coach that offers variations to reduce risk of injury. No equipment needed and a little space is all you need for an at home workout. I have an entire playlist of bodyweight workouts on youtube, check ’em out.

Fitness Simon Says

Indoor or outdoor, this is a great option for little and big kids! For little ones, keep the intervals short and exercises simple while alternating the intensity of the exercises.

If you have older kids, you can incentivize them to encourage participation. For example, the winner gets to choose dinner or the winner gets one less chore. OR you can decentivize quitting by making the “out” players have to do burpees or hold a wall-sit until the game is over. MWA-HA-HA-HA!

Fitness Roll the Dice

This game is great for any age and can be done inside or out. It keeps everyone on their toes and is won’t be boring by any means. Get my Fitness Roll The Dice games down below for a few ways to play!

Fitness Deck of Cards

This game can make for a suspenseful workout session. With 52 cards, you will be sure to stay on your toes as you anticipate the next boust of exercise. Simply assign an exercise to each suit, then let the numbers dictate the reps. It’s simple and versatile. I made a few different combination you can try below!

Animal exercise workouts

This is a great option if you have little ones that you want to get involed. Create a workout that uses “animal movements” and keep kids engaged while they have freedom to be silly. I went ahead and made an animal workout for you, find it down below!

Partner workouts

Working out with a partner is an effective way to bond and improve fitness at the same time. With some teamwork, you can get the whole family involved while you cheer each other on. Follow my Bodyweight Partner Workout that you can do at home!

Mommy & Me workouts

These kinds of workouts are best for little ones around, especially toddlers. These kinds of workouts are interactive and fun for the kids while mom and/or dad get to workout at the same time. Get my FREE Mom & Toddler Workouts that you can do at home!

Babywearing Workouts

Babywearing is a trick I use to get my babies to stay content while I challenge myself in a workout. Often times, my babies have fallen asleep during the soothing movement and warmth of my body. They love being close to mom and dad, and their added weight is sure to strengthen your core!

Family Runs

If running is something you enjoy, I’m sure you’ve wondered, “How can I run easily with my family?”

  • Use a jogging stroller for babies or toddlers
  • Have little ones ride their bike next to you
  • Incorporate intervals, this format is suited best for young children
  • Go to a track or looped path so everyone can go at their own pace but stay close
  • Do races (sprints) in the backyard
  • Do hill runs, then kids can barrel roll down
  • Run to a fun destination like a beach, park, playground, or healthy cafe

How do I create a family fitness plan?

The most effective way to get fit as a family is to create plan. Follow my steps below to be successful as a family.

  1. Set fitness goal (individual or for the family)
  2. Break it down into achievable steps and consider individual abilities
  3. Gather resources like equipment, gym memberships, workouts, etc.
  4. Lay out a routine considering everyone’s schedule
  5. Incorporate exercise formats and methods that each person enjoys
  6. Set accountability checks for motivation

It’s that simple! If you want a more in depth break down, I have an entire post about effective fitness goal setting that you can read to help you get started.

Why is it good to exercise with family?

Along with being an opportunity to create memories, the benefits to exercising with family are:

  • Promote and respect and enthusiams for health
  • Serve as entertainment
  • Teach values of determination, work ethic, resilience, and ambition
  • Create a positive association with exercise and fitness

Keep it simple and get active. Mix it up and do whatever methods your family enjoys. Build trust, encourage each other, and have fun while staying fit.

Printable family workouts at home

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