Fun Partner Workout For An Inexpensive Date With Husband

Save for Later!

Save your money, reconnect, and sweat it out in this partner workout for your next date with husband. All level and all bodyweight.

What to do on a date night with husband at home?

Give date night a spin by getting fit together! Partner workouts are a fantastic way to bond and have fun on a date with your husband. Whether we are going to the gym or staying at home, my husband and I love to workout together.

We can cheer eachother on when it gets tough and push eachother when we need a kick in the butt. It helps us bond and build our relationship in a low pressure environment. Plus, who doesn’t like to check out their spouse in some form-fitting workout clothes? 😉

One of my favorite parts about a partner workout for a date with husband is that it’s a super inexpensive or even free date! You shouldn’t feel like finances determine your ability to have a special time together. You can stay in, save, money, and get fit all at the same time.

And if you are looking for a little extra to add to the date, you guys can cook a healthy meal together afterwards.

Benefits of working out with a partner on a date with husband

For many, working out with a partner is better. It can be more motivating to have a partner struggling along with you. It’s easy to quit when nobody is watching. But in a couple’s workout, your partner is watching! They can keep you honest in your efforts. Like making sure that you are hitting all of your reps and sets. Forbidding you from slacking off. They push you to work harder. Plus, a partner is a great way to assess your form.

A mirror is one way to check your technique, but another set of eyes may be able to see a view that a mirror can’t offer. They can let you know if your foot pattern is off, your back is rounding, or you’re acheiving a full range of motion. Your partner can say, “Hey, drop your butt, your plank is too high!” And when that partner is your husband it is a fun way to stay competitive with eachother.

My husband and I have always been pretty competitive people. And a partner workout for a date with husband is a great way to get out your competitive urges. But instead, in a healthy way that doesn’t hurt your marriage. Because I am sure many of us have fallen victim to the mindset of who is doing more or working harder in the marriage or in the family. A partner workout is an opportunity to work hard and push my husband to work harder. All of which ends with some friendly teasing and banter. Another fun little way to bring some flirting and silliness to your date night.

Fun partner workout exercises without equipment

You may have seen exercises that utilize your partner’s body weight, like wheel barrows. Or use your partner’s timing, like you-go-I-go workouts. But what makes my workout different is that it’s partner resisited. That is when your partner’s resistance/strength is used as the weight instead of dumbbells, resistance bands, etc.

This type of training is, in my humble opinion, is the best way to make use of a partner. Using someone’s resistance in place of a dumbbell has a bunch of physiological benefits. Your are working with an unstable force. Making you focus on motor control, balance, and core stabilization. Improving coordination, agility, and core strength. This workout also gives you double the work woo woo!! LOL I know we all want to hear that right? Haha.

But really, during your partner’s eccentric phase, the muscle lengthening, of the exercise it is your concentric phase, the shortening, of the exercise. So what does that matter? We produce more force (are stronger) during the eccentric phase than the concentric phase. That is why “negatives” are recommended to build your strength up in exercises that are hard to modify, like pull-ups. So where you are “weaker,” you are working against where your partner is “stronger.” And then you switch. Similar to working with a resistance band. Except a resitance band has limitations in range and weight. Your partner will most likely be able to provide you with more. Plus, they encourage you and give life to the workout!

Try Coach Zoe’s partner workout for a date with husband

I have to be honest, my husband and I have grown stronger as a couple during our times of struggle. I think many can relate to that. And a little struggle and sweat in the form of exercise is a great way to grow your relationship. It can give you both that feeling of accomplishment and unity that comes from completing a workout together while encouraging eachother through it.

So get fit and have fun with your hubby for free with my partner workout! You can join me here!

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