Best Tips for HIGH QUALITY Endurance Workouts at Home

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Make the most of your endurance workouts at home with tips from a trainer. Easily boost your stamina with these simple methods.

What is endurance training

Endurance training is exercise that improves your ability to work for longer duration with little to no rest. Endurance workouts boost your heart rate, improve your stamina, and increase your breathing efficiency and mental toughness.

Typically, when we think of endurance training we think of running, swimming, biking, any monotonous exercise that typically requires going outside or to a gym. And they are. Specifically, cardiovascular endurance. However, endurance comes in two forms, muscular and cardiovascular. Muscular endurance is another way to train to get cardiovascular affects without repetitive forms of exercise. And you can even do it at home! Muscular endurance workouts at home are great for convenience and variety in your fitness routine.

Factors of a high quality endurance workout

Full body exercise. The more muscles that are called to contract, the more work that is done at a time. Therefore, the more blood and oxygen that needs to circulate throughout the body. So using full body exercises and workouts is the best way to get your heart rate up. Either using exercises that call on muscle groups from multiple parts of the body, like mountain climbers. Or large muscle group exercises from multiple parts of the body, like a push up and a squat. Full body exercise give you so much variety to work with, making it easier to stay focused on the workout and not the work.

Low intensity. Typically in the form of bodyweight or with little resistance like a band or light free weights. This also allows you to have more control of the tempo so can set and keep a steady pace. And with a steady pace you can push out a high workload. That’s because we are making our bodies work aerobically (or with oxygen). Meaning lots of total reps, usually in big sets. Like fifteen, twenty, even thirty reps at a time before taking a break.

Minimize rest. Working in a low intensity also allows a quick recovery so that little rest time is needed. And if our goal is to build stamina, or prolonged work periods, less rest will improve your conditioning. You will force your body to become efficient at recovering your breath and lowering your heart rate in time to begin again. So inverse your work and rest time, long work and short rest.

The best exercises for endurance workouts at home

I can sit here all day and give you a hundred different exercises with a hundred different formats. In fact, in my years of coaching multiple varieties of workouts everyday and making my own, I probably have. Endurance training comes in all shapes and sizes and is the most effective and efficient for of general fitness. There are so many different variations of every exercise but I will give you my favorite standard version of full body exercises as well as my favorite pairs.

Unweighted Full Body Exercises. Although these will be more “cardio-like” with impact or faster movements, you will still be challenging your muscles just as much as your lungs. My go-to’s are burpees, mountain climbers, high knees, speed skaters, jumping jacks, bicycle crunches, side shuffle, and any variations of those movements.

Weighted Full Body Exercises. These will be more of the muscular endurance “cardio” that will get your heart rate up because of the strength work involved. Even if you can maintain a fairly even reathing rate. My favs are thrusters, snatches, swings, cleans, renegade rows, push press, and so many different combos and modifications of those.

Full Body Exercise Pairs. It’s hard not to get too creative because there are unlimited options really. But essentially if you break up any of the above mentioned exercises you can get a similar result if you alternate like super sets or in rounds. For example, squats or lunges and overhead presses, deadlifts and upright rows, push ups and mountain climbers, clean and press, sit ups and glute bridge.

Build your endurance with workouts at home

It’s hard to write your own workouts when you feel overwhelmed with possibility. What time frames, exercises, reps, sets, and intensity are a lot of questions you need to answer when you make a workout. And until you get the hang of it, or need some ideas, try my Full Body Endurance Workout. You will need a mini loop resistance band but that’s it! Made for all levels too. But don’t shy away from trying and getting your feet wet! it can be as simple as:

20 minutes, cycle as many rounds as possible (A.K.A. “AMRAP”)

5 burpees

10 sit ups

15 squats

So keep it simple and let’s sweat!

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