The Most Successful Way To Exercise For Beginners

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These types of workouts are the best exercise for beginners to get results and see long term success in their fitness.

The best exercise for beginners to get long term results

Whether you have never worked out before or are getting back into your fitness, you want to set yourself up for success. You want to see long term results and keep them. And the best way to do that is to stick with it. People fall off track with their fitness for many reasons. Whether that’s because life got too busy, an injury occured, or they stopped seeing results, the most common underlying theme is lack of motivation. But if you start with a good foundation, you can minimize or even eliminate that possibility.

So how do you lay the foundation to successful fitness? Corrective and funcitonal exercise. Functional exercise is used to enhance and use the movement patterns that we do in everday life. However, many of us have built bad habits and created poor movement patterns that resulted in muscular imbalances. Corrective exercise is used to correct those problems so we can exercise funtionally and improve imbalances. That way you can live, move, and exercise at your best.

Being a beginner gives you an advantage. The ability to create good habits! Not to say that you may not already have imbalances that exist or even have exercised with poor form. But by starting with corrective and funcitonal exercise, you can set yourself up for less injuries and more progress to stay motivated and advance.

How to exercise as a beginner

When starting your workouts you want to be sure that you are using the most proper form. So start take some time to learn the basic movements and how to do them correctly. That will help you build good habits that you will use in every workout. I have an Exercise Library that contains instructional videos of the major exercises you will be doing most often and should be looking to master. So take a look and some time to practice! But start with basic workouts that focus on technique rather than rushing just to get a sweat, or use more advance movements. If you are starting from sedentary, any exercise will shock your body enough to burn calories and cause some change.

These type of workouts will mostly be funcitonal and corrective workouts. These types of workouts will focus on improving posture and movement patterns as well as exercise form.

Why corrective and functional workouts are the best exercise for beginners

Improve core strength.

Since corrective exercise focuses on improving posture, the muscles that support the spine become the focus. And those are that of the core like back, chest, abdominals, and even the muscles around the hip girdle. Your core supports your spine. It also is engaged or active in any compound exercise. That is an exercise that uses more than one muscle group. And most movements and exercises you perform will be compound and therefore functional. A squat, deadlift, press are similar to sitting, picking something off the ground, and reaching overhead. And all of those require you to use your core.

Full body workouts.

Since these types of exercises are mostly compound, the workouts will often be full body. Full body workouts are best for beginners because they will improve muscular and cardiovascular endurance. Muscular endurance is the first step to building muscle and strength. Cardiovascular exercise burns more calories, strengthens your heart, and improves circulation. Plus, if you try to jump into a high intensity type of strength or cardio training, you will fatigue too quickly to get the benefits or may even get hurt. So beginning with full body workouts are best because they also tend to use little to no weight.

Bodyweight workouts.

Workouts that use little to no weight are best for beginners. That is because you are still learning your work capacity. If you are working beyond your ability, it can be hard to focus on form and proper mechanics. When you minimize the intensity, you can focus on control of your movements and activating your “mind-muscle link.” Just like when we watch our babies and children learn how to use their bodies to crawl, walk, run, climb, and play. They need to really focus on how to use their muscles and making that connection with their mind and body until those movements become easy and automatic.

Bodyweight workouts are also great for beginners because you are not overloading any specific part of the body. Minimizing fatigue and soreness of one particular area. Sure, you may get sore at first regardless. But it is much easier to stick with your workouts when you know you can go through your day without pain. Plus, you will be able to workout more frequently when you don’t need days to recover.

Improve daily life with exercise for beginners

If you begin your fitness journey with this type of exercise and workouts, you will not just be setting yourself up for success. You will also feel better and improve your daily life. So get started and let’s sweat! Try this full body, bodyweight CORRECTIVE workout.

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