How Cardio Kickboxing Gets You Killer Weight Loss Results

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Have fun while you workout and burn calories. Here’s 7 reasons why you should try cardio kickboxing for your weight loss goals!

What is cardio kickboxing?

I know that boxing and kickboxing workouts can be intimidating to your average person. There seems to be a well coordiated choreography that looks great if you know what your doing. And kind of awkward if not. It also seems to be one of those ride or die type of workouts that fellow fitness enthusiests start then only ever do. And what does throwing the word cardio in front of it do to change the workout?

Well my lovely ladies, I don’t know if I could consider myself an expert, but pretty darn close. So let me explain. Kickboxing and boxing are martial arts, right? Whether you plan on stepping into the ring or not, the “fitness” aspect comes as a by-product. Because the goal is to learn technique and strategy. That doesn’t mean that those who train in a “fight gym” all want to compete, but that is the format they really enjoy.

CARDIO kickboxing takes the movements and idea from the martial art. However, the goal instead becomes getting in a good workout. Whether you are hitting a heavy bag or shadowboxing (a cool way to say punching the air) you will get a major sweat. So the technique and form are still something you want to work on, but there’s not a heavy focus on it. We are going from “throw your hook to get a knock out,” to “throw your hook to work your abdominals.” See the difference? What else makes it “cardio” is there is an emphasis on steady work time. Or even incorporating traditional exercises into the workout to stay active. Traditional boxing or kickboxing is about strategy, speed, power, and skill. Because you are “fighting” an opponent not competing to burn calories.

Can anyone do cardio kickboxing?

Pretty much! As long as you are comfortable with trying something new and maybe even feeling a little silly at first. Now there is a lot of twisting and quick change of directions. So just like with any exercise or program ALWAYS get cleared by a physician if you are unsure.

What is so great about cardio kickboxing is you can adjust the workouts to your pace, just like any other exercise! You don’t need to start super fast or intense or even do all of the movements. Cardio kickboxing workouts can be modified to be minimal impact just like a squat jump can be modified. And as you get more comfortable and familiar with the techniques, you can progress in your performance and moves.

How is cardio kickboxing good for weight loss?

Cardio kickboxing is a full body BURN. Arms, shoulders, core, legs, glutes, all of it! The more muscles that are worked at a time, and the higher intensity of the workout, then the more calories we are burning in that session. These kind of workouts consist of endurance and HIIT style training. Two high-calorie burning workout formats. Helping you to lose fat and maintain muscle for a toned physique. Especially in your core. Ever notice that professional fighters always have killer abs? With all of the rotational movement and crunching, your abdominals get worked in every direction. Six pack abs without a million sit ups? Sign me up! There is not one part of the body that is not working in some way or another.

cardio kickboxing workout

That’s another great thing about cardio kickboxing. Every workout has exercise in all planes of motion. Making it a very functional workout with organic movements. Most traditional exercises are in one, maybe two planes of motion. Think forward and backward, side to side, or rotational. Because kickboxing is so diverse, you get it all. And the more functional you train, the less likely you will develop imbalances and injuries from repetitive movement patterns. Of course, ANY exercise can become too repetitive if you do the same thing in the same way with the same intensity. But there is less of a chance that will happen with cardio kickboxing.

So you can do your workouts often! When you are trying to lose weight, consistency is so important to getting results. You won’t lose weight if you eat healthy and restrict calories for 3 days then eat unhealthy and overconsume for 2. It is the same for your exercise. You want to maintain a routine. And cardio kickboxing allows you to do that. It is so diverse that it’s much easier to avoid fatigue and soreness. Both of which can make you lose motivation to workout.

Cardio kickboxing benefits for women looking for weight loss

Cardio kickboxing is a FUN workout for weight loss. Having fun turns your workouts into “me time” and helps you de-stress. And one of the best ways to stay excited about exercise is mixing it up. You can add in traditional exercise, or yoga, or even other cardio moves. Having a variety in my workouts always keeps me more interested so I am working out with intention and not going through the motions. Not only can your movements vary from workout to workout, so can the workout itself. You can do an endurance style workout with long intervals and short rest breaks at a moderate intensity. Or you can crank it up and do it in HIIT format. Regardless if you want to keep it short and sweet or you are looking to build stamina, you will burn a lot of calories with whatever style you choose.

You’re reading this because you are looking to lose weight, right? most of us workout for body composition, strength, endurance, and flexibility. That is all health fitness. Cardio kickboxing is the perfect exercise because it improves your health AND skill fitness. Skill fitness is a great way to let out your inner athlete. By improving skill fitness you will improve balance, coordination, speed, power, reaction time, and agility. All things that keep you young and better able to keep up with your kiddos.

Weight loss, health, performance, and a fun mom ready to play? Sounds like you NEED to try cardio kickboxing! So try one of my favorites, Kickboxing and Yoga Interval Workout. Or any one of my Cardio Boxing/Kickboxing workouts. We’ll mix it up, sweat A LOT, and have fun while doing it!

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