How To Get Motivated Like An Athlete To Workout

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Make your fitness a priority the same way athletes do. Busy moms like you, can use these tools to stay motivated like an athlete for their workouts.

Why you should get motivated like an athlete

Busy moms are…busy! It can be very hard to make your fitness routine a priority. With everything you have to worry about, your daily workout can sometimes feel like another chore on your to do list. I get it. I have been there, many times. But with an adjustment to your mindset, you can make your workouts something to look forward to. A part of your day that just cannot be missed.

How an athlete stays motivated

I will be speaking from my experience as an amateur athlete, that was working hard to a professional career. Let me begin with the most basic principle that changed my point of view. Fitness is supplemental.

As an athlete, your sport is where you need to put all of your focus. All of your training should revolve around being the best player out there. So most of your time is spent on your skillset. Even your fitness. The best athletes have the best fitness. For example, you cannot be the best basketball player if you can’t change directions quickly, or lack endurance to last a game. Shoot, you can’t be the best if practice wipes you out. So athletes train with the mindset that their workouts need to supplement their skill training. Their mindset shifts from a place of “have to,” to a place of “need to” and even “want to.” If they want to win, their fitness needs to be the foundation of their training.

That is my goal for you. Your fitness becomes a priority that you keep because you WANT to, not because you feel like you have to.

Keep it fun

Athletes are competitive. They have to be. Which may be something that doesn’t exactly cross your mind as a mom in your day to day life. Something that drives athletes through their workouts is having fun. They like to find new ways to challenge themselves. They enjoy the confidence boost that comes with mastering a new skill, hitting a goal, or improving their abilities. ‘

Apply that to yourself! I always enjoy trying new workouts or forms of exercise. Especially when it was something that I thought I couldn’t do before. When you feel better about what your body can do, you will also feel better about the way your body looks. At least, I always have. When I appreciate my body for it’s performance, I tend to have a better self image. Which is something that I feel is very important as a mom. We get so busy that sometimes self care and beauty routines fall by the wayside, because we just do not have the time or maybe you just forget. So if my workout can double as time I take for my physical and mental health as well as boost my self-confidence, I will be sure to make that a priority in my day.

How moms stay motivated

Now picture yourself as the athlete. Except, your sport is being a mom. You want to be the best mom you can be for your kids, right? So use that thought to push your workouts! Your workouts will keep you healthy, so you are always around for your children. Workouts will give you energy and keep you in shape for playtime, so you have the endurance to keep up with the kids. The exercises you do will help you run, jump, tumble, and wrestle with the rugrats. Better yet, when kids see mom and dad making healthy choices and being active, they will be motivated to follow suit. Take charge and lead your kids through their health and fitness too.

Your workouts shouldn’t be another chore on your to-do list. Another “have to” that you make excuses to get out of. It should be a time for fun. For self-care. For a mood boost. For enhancing the childhood you give your kids. It should be a part of your day that you refuse to miss out on because you love the mom you become afterwards.

So remember that fitness is and should be supplemental, or enhancing, to your life as a mom.

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Workout like an athlete with Coach Zoe

Now that I got you all fired up, try this workout to challenge yourself in a fun new way and bring out your inner athlete! All you need is a mat or even a line taped on the ground a little space to work. Ready? Let’s sweat!

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